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Tanner Adell Builds On Her Debut Mixtape With ‘Buckle Bunny Deluxe’ | Check out the single ‘Luke Combs’!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Columbia Records rising Country artist Tanner Adell releases the encore to her groundbreaking debut Country mixtape with Buckle Bunny Deluxeavailable everywhere today, Sept. 15. Expanding upon her Country mixtape – a first for the genre – Adell is back with two new tracks “Luke Combs” and “Backroad” along with previously released fan-favorite “Love You A Little Bit.” Buckle Bunny Deluxe is an 11-song collection that completes the energetic and empowering introduction with a softer tone that shines a light on Adell’s striking vocals and heartfelt story-driven lyricism.

“The way Luke Combs writes love songs is how I want a song written about me one day,” shares Adell. “That was the inspiration behind my ‘Luke Combs’ song. I hope it connects with all the girls who maybe don’t see themselves in traditional Country love songs today, but love to dream about the love they heard on the radio growing up.”

As a co-writer on each track, Adell spills out punchy tunes that draw upon her personal narrative as a biracial woman embracing the truest version of herself. Authentically blending her Wyoming and California roots, Adell reclaims the power for the girls through this dynamic introductory project while unapologetically paving her own fresh lane of Country music. 

Title track “Buckle Bunny” commands attention by combining rodeos with rhinestones while embracing stereotypes and turning them on their head. Adell flips the historically derogatory term into an anti-shaming, shimmering summer anthem. After teasing the single in late 2022, Adell’s fans quickly rallied behind the viral track tease and the singer was met with a frenzied outpour of demand from fans. The singer-songwriter was introduced to her cult following through tracks including breakout smash “Love You A Little Bit” along with subsequent hits “Throw it Back,” “FU-150” and “I Hate Texas.” With every release, Adell’s range both vocally and sonically becomes undeniable, exemplifying the new class of artists who effortlessly transcend traditional genre boundaries.

The Nashville Briefing artist to watch has already had a busy summer by making her first appearances at CMA Fest, Spotify House and Windy City Smokeout. This is just the beginning for the innovative singer-songwriter as she continues to make her mark in Music City and beyond.


1.  “Luke Combs” (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Derrick Southerland)
2.  “Backroad” (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Akil “worldwidefresh” King, Di Genius)
3.  “Love You A Little Bit” (Tanner Adell, Will Weatherly, Allison Veltz, Michael Lotten, Michael Whitworth)
4.  “Buckle Bunny” (Tanner Adell, Jesse Thomas, Cameron Bartolini, Louis Bartolini, leelee, Sean Anthony)
5.  “Bake It” (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Gabe Foust, Levon Gray)
6.  “FU-150” (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Derrick Southerland)
7.  “Strawberry Crush ” (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Sam Ashworth)
8.  “See You In Church”  (Tanner Adell, Patrick Mencel)
9.  “Throw It Back” (Tanner Adell, Dan Pellarin)
10.  “Trailer Park Barbie” (Tanner Adell, Gabe Foust, Sarah Jones)
11.  “I Hate Texas” (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline)

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