Imagine Dragons Share New Single ‘Children of the Sky’ (a Starfield song)

Directed by FILFURY out of Untold Studios, the sci-fi video was inspired by the track, a collaboration with Bethesda for the release of hit video game Starfield
Imagine Dragons

19 SEPTEMBER 2023 (TORONTO, ON) – Diamond-certified GRAMMY® Award-winning band Imagine Dragons and record label Interscope have teamed up with LA-based, award-winning director FILFURY and Untold Studios to take fans on an intergalactic journey in their new music video for the track “Children of the Sky”.

The video’s creative concept is inspired by the hit Xbox action RPG Starfield. Imagine Dragons released “Children of the Sky” in collaboration with Starfield composer Inon Zur and Bethesda Game Studios to celebrate the launch of the game.

Packed full of CGI, game-graphic inspired shots, the video follows a young boy as he dreams about his future and the possibility of leaving earth to find a new home, embarking on an epic journey through the galaxy at warp speed.

On developing the concept, FILFURY comments, “As soon as I listened to the track, I was transported to a new world full of emotion, hope and fantasy – instantly leading me to a visual idea I wanted to explore. With the song being used for Starfield, my desire was to lean into the sci-fi space visual language, but stay very true to the tone and identity of Imagine Dragons. A perfect unison of worlds, connected by the lyrics of the song and the uplifting euphoric dream-like hope the song conveys.”

The video features VFX by Hey Mister, and was graded by Company 3.

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