Honeymoon At Sea, A Memoir By Jennifer Silva Redmond
Honeymoon At Sea, A Memoir By Jennifer Silva Redmond

Honeymoon At Sea, A Memoir By Jennifer Silva Redmond

In this deeply meditative, quietly funny memoir, Jennifer Silva Redmond and her husband Russel embark on a year-long sailing trip for their honeymoon. Over thirty years later, they’re still going.
  • LIFE AT SEA: For anyone who has ever dreamed of taking to the seas in a sailboat, Silva Redmond’s journey will inspire and delight.
  • WRITER & EDITOR: The author is an experienced writer and editor, and her style is accessible and commercial–great read for fans of both personal and travel memoirs.
  • SAILING EXPERIENCE: With over thirty years a quarter-century at sea, Silva Redmond has a unique outlook that’s appealing to a wide audience–and her writing style is incredibly accessible.

A heart-warming, windward voyage into a life well-lived. With the talented Redmond at the helm, readers are gifted a stunning glimpse into the world of sailing and the beauties of a simple and yet rich life at sea. What starts off as a novice navigating the ways of love and the open blue waters, turns leeward as the seafarer gains insights into her own point of sail.”

 — Cherie Kephart, award-winning author of A Few Minor Adjustments

This enchanting memoir is both a hymn to the open sea and a homage to the human heart…If you’ve ever wanted to leave everything behind and sail off into the sunset (and who hasn’t?), Honeymoon at Sea welcomes you aboard.”

—Judy Reeves, A Writer’s Book of Days and When Your Heart Says Go

“A travel memoir that’s as sunny and bright as a Baja beach day, punctuated with occasional dark storms and high winds…. traces the journey of a free-spirited woman from her peripatetic childhood with a bohemian mother to her self-discovery during the early months of marriage onboard a small sailboat.”

—Judy Goldstein Botello, The Other Side: Journeys in Baja California

“As she works on being fluent in Spanish and in the language of love and independence, Redmond finds she is growing into her prowess as a writer and a sailor alike. She brings her readers along for an unexpected foray into new experiences that will especially delight armchair travellers interested in stories of living simpler lives and experiencing such riches.”

— Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“If you’ve ever fantasized about living on a sailboat, read this. You will travel along with the author and her husband as they experience life and love in a paradise of their own making. This beautifully written book will entice you to live life more simply, understanding that the heart of an adventure is the manner in which you navigate it.”

—Lori Oliver-Tierney, Trudge: A Midlife Crisis on the John Muir Trail

“Jennifer Silva Redmond’s clear prose flows smoothly from vivid accounts of the joys and rigours of sailing to breathtaking descriptions of the natural world to explorations of her past to intimate glimpses of her relationship with her husband, sailing partner, and soulmate, Russel. Ultimately, her memoir is about love: love for a man, love of sailing, and love for a life-changing journey. Reading it, I travelled right along with her.”

—Helen Landalf, Flyaway

About the author

Jennifer Silva Redmond is a writer and freelance editor from California. Her essays, articles, and fiction have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines, and on sites such as Brevity. She is on the staff of the Southern California Writers Conference and San Diego Writers, Ink, and was the prose editor for A Year in Ink, vol 3, and co-founder of the critically acclaimed Sea of Cortez Review. She lives with her husband Russel, an artist and teacher, aboard their current sailboat Watchfire, somewhere on the West Coast of North America. Formerly editor-in-chief of Sunbelt Publications, Jennifer is now their editor-at-large. She is currently writing a book about editing; her book reviews and blog posts about writing, editing, and sailing life can be found on her website.

Honeymoon At Sea
Honeymoon At Sea, A Memoir By Jennifer Silva Redmond

Book Title: Honeymoon At Sea

Book Description: When Jennifer Silva married Russel Redmond, they decided to spend a year at sea, sailing in Mexico. The honeymoon tested their new relationship, not just through rocky waters and unexpected weather, but in the ways that living on a twenty-six-foot sailboat makes one reconsider what’s truly important. In this charming, meditative memoir, Jennifer recounts that first fateful year they spent at sea, moving back and forth through the waves of her life. On their first voyage, the couple sailed Watchfire to Baja’s Sea of Cortez, where they spent a year before sailing south along Mexico and Central America and through the Panama Canal. Jennifer’s unique experience on the boat weaves back and forth through time as she explores the events that led her to taking the first step onto the boat—from her childhood to the time she spent as a struggling actor in New York.

Book Author: Jennifer Silva Redmond

Book Format: Paperback

Publisher Logo:

ISBN: 978-1-7389452-0-7

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