“Gangs of Oslo” (2023) – Series on Netflix

Gangs of Oslo
Gangs of Oslo

Gangs of Oslo” (Norwegian: Blodsbrødre) is a Norwegian crime drama television series created and directed by Ole Endresen.

The series follows Moaz Ibrahim, a young policeman who is forced to live a dangerous double life when he is assigned to investigate his childhood best friend, Rémi, who is now the leader of a ruthless gang. Moaz must keep his past hidden from his colleagues and his new girlfriend, while also trying to keep his friends from getting hurt.

The series stars Emir Zamwa as Moaz, Mohammed Youssef as Rémi, Ishak Kaya as Tarek, Janne Heltberg as Ina, Ingvild Lakou as Marie, Lamin Saho as Omar, Per Kjerstad as Henrik, Nokokure Dahl as Naomi, and Heidi Toini as Silje.

Episode List

Episode 1

Upon his transfer to the Hubro task force in Lakkeberg, Officer Moaz finds himself entangled in a perilous double life alongside the notorious criminal gang Enemiez.

Episode 2

Moaz becomes increasingly anxious as he realizes he is at risk of being discovered, prompting him to urgently seek a means of escaping from Rami’s grasp.

Episode 3

Moaz has managed to escape from his enemies, but he now faces intense pressure during an interrogation conducted by the Special Unit. He finally achieves a much-needed understanding with India, a development he had long yearned for. However, Rami remains skeptical and harbors suspicions about this newfound alliance.

Episode 4

During a major operation, Hubro conducts a large-scale raid on Enemiez. However, they encounter unforeseen challenges due to mounting suspicions regarding the presence of an informant within their ranks.

Episode 5

Tarik undergoes interrogation while Moaz must heighten his awareness to avoid detection. Rami initiates a brutal assault on his dearest companions.

Episode 6

As desperation intensifies, the point of no return is reached. Ultimately, a final gunshot is discharged.

Gangs of Oslo
Gangs of Oslo

Name: Blodsbrødre

Description: Moaz Ibrahim, a policeman, finds himself entangled in a perilous dual existence with the criminal group Enemiez. This arrangement is a desperate effort to conceal his dubious history from the public eye.

Seasons: 1

Country: Norway

Director(s): Ole Endresen

Writer(s): Ole Endresen

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Actor(s): Emir Zamwa, Mohammed Youssef, Ishak Kaya, Christopher Rygh, Heidi Toini, Ingvild Lakou, Per Kjerstad, Shaniaz Hama Ali, Emil Johnsen

Companies: TV Play 2, Netflix

User Review
2.33 (3 votes)

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