The Hunt for Veerappan
The Hunt for Veerappan

“The Hunt for Veerappan” (2023) Docuseries on Netflix: A shocking account of one of the most gruesome crimes in India’s history

The Hunt for Veerappan” is a four-part docuseries on Netflix directed by Selvamani Selvaraj. It tells the story of the rise and fall of Veerappan, a notorious sandalwood smuggler and bandit who terrorized the forests of South India for over two decades.

India is a vast and mysterious land, rich in nuances and stories. This time, Netflix takes us into the life of India’s most infamous criminal: Koose Munisamy Veerappan, a poacher with the heart of an untamed tiger.

Veerappan, the Richard Parker of poachers, was the first to kill an elephant in those 15,000 square kilometers. He was the boldest, the most fearless – feared and pursued, yet also admired. A brutal criminal capable of exterminating all the elephants in the forest, with his criminal count reaching a thousand.

But this was only the beginning. Things escalated further, leading to a confrontation with the Indian authorities, a massacre, and ultimately, Veerappan becoming a revolutionary directly opposing the state.

And behind it all, there is a much more fascinating story that you shouldn’t miss.

About the Documentary

“The Hunt for Veerappan” is an excellent documentary that takes us on a journey through the less touristy side of India, delving into its darker territories. Like the forests from which Veerappan emerged, this land is full of contrasts and contradictions. It is a world of “kill or be killed,” of poaching in a complex country where, as we warn you, nothing is black and white.

Above all, this documentary skillfully uses a story to portray the complexity of a marvelous country filled with contrasts, a country that, in all its grand complexity, sometimes defies logic.

It is a mix of harsh reality and beliefs, a blend of half-truths and fantastical tales in a place overshadowed by rumors.

This series is captivating and offers a comprehensive perspective, albeit subjective, on that dark, true, and cruel side of reality.

Perhaps it is the fantasy of that infinite number Richard Parker dreamed of.

Or perhaps it is simply the story of a criminal.

Enjoy it, read it in whichever way you choose, because it is a thrilling tale full of mysteries.

About Veerappan

Veerappan was born in 1952 in a poor family in the jungles of Karnataka. He started out as a poacher, but soon expanded his operations to include smuggling sandalwood and ivory. He also became involved in kidnapping and murder, and his victims often included police officers, forest officials, and locals.

In the 1980s, Veerappan’s activities became so brazen that the Indian government launched a massive manhunt to capture him. The operation, code-named Operation Cocoon, lasted for over a decade and involved thousands of security personnel. However, Veerappan was always one step ahead of the authorities, and he managed to evade capture for many years.

In 2004, Veerappan was finally shot and killed by the Indian police. His death brought an end to a long and bloody chapter in Indian history, but his legacy continues to haunt the forests of South India.

Release Date

August 4, 2023

Where to Watch The Hunt for Veerappan


The Hunt for Veerappan
The Hunt for Veerappan

Name: The Hunt for Veerappan

Description: This docuseries follows the rise and fall of Veerappan, a dreaded smuggler whose bloody reign sparked a 20-year-long manhunt in south India.

Seasons: 1

Country: India

Director(s): Selvamani Selvaraj

Genre: Documentary

Companies: Netflix

Our Opinion

This series is captivating and offers a comprehensive perspective, albeit subjective, on that dark, true, and cruel side of reality.


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