Sanjana Dhanasekaran
2023 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship Winner Sanjana Dhanasekaran

Missouri State University Sophomore Awarded $10,000 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wilshire Quinn Capital, Inc. proudly announces Sanjana Dhanasekaran, a 20-year-old pianist, as the recipient of this year’s $10,000 Wilshire Quinn Musical Arts Scholarship. Wilshire Quinn will apply the funds to her enrollment as a sophomore at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

Wilshire Quinn saw a remarkable pool of talented applicants this year who submitted personal statements and videos showcasing their musical skill.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Ms. Dhanasekaran’s musical journey began in the first grade with the piano. At the age of 13, she began to recognize piano as her talent, a gift she could offer the world. This led her to immerse herself in operas, ballets, and recitals, as well as deepen her musical insight through dedicated study of the great pianists whom she admired. 

Throughout high school, Ms. Dhanasekaran played a dual role as both member and leader of her school’s Tri-M Honor Society chapter, in which she helped orchestrate concerts across the Toronto area to various nursing homes, fundraising galas, and schools. 

Said Dhanasekaran, “I began to see how our concerts were a form of love. It was ultimately the enjoyment of music that brought together unlikely parties – eager high school students and nursing home residents.”

Ms. Dhanasekaran’s unwavering dedication to music is also reflected through her work in the classical music division of the Back to Bach Project, an initiative focused on making arts education more accessible to young students. This commitment to community involvement reflects the strong character she possesses. Her talents also stand as a testament to her dedication, having earned achievements at the Ottawa Chamberfest Music Festival, Ottawa Concerto Competition, and Canadian Music Competition.

Now entering her sophomore year at Missouri State University, Ms. Dhanasekaran plans to continue fortifying her education and musical passion for piano through her major of piano performance under Missouri State’s Department of Music. She will also act as a member of the Missouri Music Teachers Association’s student chapter.

Ms. Dhanasekaran draws inspiration from Canadian classical pianist, Glenn Gould, and the storytelling capabilities of singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse, and her ability to blend musical genres, including soul and the blues.

“We are truly touched by the artistry, emotion, and passion that Sanjana exhibits through her piano playing abilities. This sentiment was instantly observed in her video submission, where her emotions matched every masterful keystroke,” remarked Christopher M. Garcia, CEO of Wilshire Quinn Capital. He further added, “Sanjana encapsulates the remarkable talent and character that we seek in all our annual scholarship winners.”

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