Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins
Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins

“Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins” (2023) Telenovela on Netflix: Two Separated Twins in a Tale of Revenge and Social Justice

Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins” is a Colombian captivating telenovela created by Rafael Acuña and starring Juanita Molina.

As we all know, Netflix offers a wide range of content to cater to diverse tastes. This time, it’s the turn of a telenovela that hails from Colombia, promising an enthralling experience for fans of this genre. With two compelling characters and their intertwining stories, “111111111111” presents an even more intriguing narrative.



The main character, Romina, is a competitive biker who is determined to find out what happened to her sister, Sofía, who was kidnapped and killed 18 years ago. When she discovers that Sofía’s killer is still at large, Romina decides to take on her sister’s identity and infiltrate the criminal underworld to get revenge.

Along the way, Romina must learn to balance her thirst for revenge with her desire to protect the people she loves. She also must come to terms with the fact that she may never truly know what happened to Sofía.

Series Trailer

Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins

Release Date

August 30, 2023

Where to Watch “Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins”


The Cast

Juanita Molina
Zharick León
David Palacio
Alejandro Buitrago

Kevin Bury
Juan Guilera

Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins
Miss Adrenaline: A Tale of Twins

Name: Romina Poderosa

Description: A competitive biker takes the identity of her long-lost identical twin sister to bring her killers to justice and get the truth behind their separation.

Seasons: 1

Country: Colombia

Writer(s): Rafael Acuña

Genre: Telenovela

Actor(s): Juanita Molina, David Palacio, Zharick León, Alejandro Buitrago, Kevin Bury, Juan Guilera

Companies: Caracol Telvisión, Netflix

User Review
3.5 (2 votes)

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