Dublin Art Book Fair 2023 announces guest curator Wendy Erskine

Dublin Art Book Fair 2023: Polyphonic. Guest curated by Wendy Erskine. 7 December – 17 December 2023
Wendy Erskine
Portrait of DABF 2023 guest curator Wendy Erskine. Photography by Khara Pringle.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is delighted to announce Wendy Erskine as Dublin Art Book Fair’s guest curator, 2023. As a writer, artist and secondary school teacher Wendy Erskine is interested in multiple stories and perspectives that might arise out of single source or particular life experience. Her theme, Polyphonic celebrates creation of artworks that bring multiple voices together.

‘Multiple voices; multiple narratives; multiple perspectives: the polyphonic. Whether it’s simultaneous or sequenced, whether it’s in visual art, text or sound, let’s celebrate polyphony in all its complexity and contrariness. Let’s explore this non-hierarchical, democratic mode which allows for plurality of expression and response. The polyphonic, a challenge to the controlling, totalising ‘I’.

Her theme will be explored through talks, events, workshops and book selections, inviting artists, writers, teachers, musicians and others to join in her expanded programme throughout ten days of Dublin Art Book Fair. 

Wendy Erskine is a Belfast-based writer and teacher who started her literary career with a six-month writing workshop run by The Stinging Fly. She has since written two prizewinning short story collections, Sweet Home and Dance Move (The Stinging Fly Press and Picador). She recently edited well I just kind of like it (PVA Books), a collection of essays and images about art in the home and the home as art. In 2022, she was a Seamus Heaney Fellow at Queen’s University.

Henry J Lyons are proud sponsors of Dublin Art Book Fair 2023. Funded by the Arts Council, DABF is also supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.

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