‘D.P.: Deserter Pursuit’ (2023) Season 2 Now Available on Netflix


D.P.: Deserter Pursuit is an action South Korean series directed by Han Jun-hee, starring Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan and Kim Sung-kyun.

D. P. is a South Korean drama series that centers around a group of soldiers assigned with the task of locating deserters. Adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Kim Bo-tong, the series was directed by Han Jun-hee.

The show features Jung Hae-in as Private Ahn Jun-ho, a newly recruited soldier who becomes a part of the D. P. unit. Initially hesitant, Jun-ho soon realizes that this opportunity allows him to gain insight into the darker aspects of military service.

Jun-ho teams up with Corporal Han Ho-yeol (Koo Kyo-hwan), an experienced D. P. soldier known for his straightforwardness and willingness to bend the rules. Together, they embark on a mission to track down deserters throughout the country, discovering that the motivations behind desertion are often more intricate than they initially appear.

D. P. is a compelling and thought-provoking drama that sheds light on the negative aspects of military service. The series fearlessly tackles issues such as bullying, hazing, and violence that can occur within the military. However, it also depicts a narrative of hope and redemption, emphasizing how the bonds of friendship and camaraderie can help soldiers overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

Upon its release on Netflix in August 2021, D. P. garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success.

Season 2 Release date

July 28, 2023

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The Cast

Jung Hae-in
Jung Hae-in
Kim Sung-kyun
Kim Sung-kyun
Koo Kyo-hwan
Koo Kyo-hwan
Kim Ji-hyun
Kim Ji-hyun

Son Suk-ku
Ji Jin-hee

D.P.: Deserter Pursuit
D.P. : El cazadesertores Series Netflix

Name: 시즌

Description: The story of a young army private who unexpectedly becomes a desertion arrest officer and finds himself in confusing and complicated situations.

Seasons: 2

Country: South Korea

Director(s): Han Jun-hee

Writer(s): Han Jun-hee

Genre: Action

Actor(s): Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-kyun, Son Suk-ku, Ji Jin-hee, Kim Ji-hyun

Companies: Lezhin Studio, Homemade Films, Netflix

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