“Captain Fall” (2023) – An Adult Animated Series on Netflix

Captain Fall
Captain Fall

Captain Fall” is a comedy series on Netflix created by Jon Iver Helgaker, Jonas Torgersen, and Joel Trussell.

This adult animated series breaks all the rules of etiquette and is designed to potentially offend any “good” citizen. It features a ship full of slaves, sexual jokes aplenty, arms trafficking, and a captain who is completely oblivious to everything.

And that’s exactly why he was hired.

About the Series

This animated series is filled with irony, but with a classic touch. It may resemble something like “The Love Boat,” but it’s completely different. This show has it all, with daring storylines including triple murders, smuggling, and human trafficking.

If you’re expecting a children’s animated series, “1111111111111” is not suitable. However, it does offer a tantalizing dose of irony for adult animation enthusiasts who will find plenty of reasons to laugh out loud while watching this series.


Release Date

July 28, 2023

Where to Watch Captain Fall


Captain Fall
Captain Fall

Name: Captain Fall

Description: A wet-behind-the-ears, yet good-hearted sea captain unwittingly finds himself at the helm of a smuggling ship for a terrible international cartel who’s using him as a fall guy in case the authorities ever catch up to them.

Seasons: 1

Country: United States

Writer(s): Jon Iver Helgaker , Jonas Torgersen

Genre: Comedy, Animation

Companies: Netflix

User Review
3.55 (11 votes)

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2 thoughts on ““Captain Fall” (2023) – An Adult Animated Series on Netflix”

  1. Watched five episodes so far. I am not happy at all. The scenes are cringy as hell, the unnecessary vulgar and violence going on, how far unrealistically they made Captain Fall’s character to be. There is no one that actually loves him and literally cares, it makes me so angry. nooooo!

    1. Diane T. Larsen
      Diane T. Larsen

      Hi Char,

      Thank you for your input. We are sorry to hear that you did not like it.

      Best regards,

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