‘The Playing Cards Killer’ (2023) Netflix Documentary Series: Another True Crime on Netflix? Exactly that

The Playing Cards Killer
The Playing Cards Killer

The Playing Cards Killer is a 3-episode miniseries directed by Amanda Sans that premieres on Netflix.

Remember the “playing cards killer”? It was a real case that seemed like something out of a Hollywood serial killer thriller, but no, it wasn’t The Silence of the Lambs and The Playing Cards Killer became a media phenomenon in Spain in those years.

Driven by popularity, this Jack the Ripper-like phenomenon was exploited by the media to, thanks to its interest, generate a torrent of news, debates, and generalized morbidity.

Quite a few years later Netflix recovers the case and analyzes what happened to the case and how the investigation was conducted.

Many years later, Netflix recovers the case and analyzes what was of it and how the investigation was carried out.

The Playing Cards Killer is a very classic true crime that fans of the genre will like. It is well documented and knows how to introduce us to the atmosphere, without using dramatizations, almost exclusively with archive images and using documents from the time, the locations of the crimes and, above all, interviews with journalists involved in the case and, of course, with the investigators in charge, who will clarify how it developed.

A rather interesting documentary series which, sticking to the genre premise and without innovating much, clarifies what happened and revives a case that had such a huge impact on the media.

You know, morbidity sells.

Release date

June 9, 2023

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The Playing Cards Killer
Baraja: la firma del asesino

Name: Baraja: la firma del asesino

Description: The Playing Cards Killer tells the story of the serial crimes that took place in Madrid that had both the National Police and the Civil Guard in check during the first 7 months of 2003.

Seasons: 1

Country: Spain

Director(s): Amanda Sans

Genre: Documental

Companies: Cuarzo Producciones, Netflix

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