Scathe: Enforcer Edition available now

Scathe: Enforcer Edition
Scathe: Enforcer Edition

Leamington Spa, UK – 6 June 2023 – Leading UK games publisher Kwalee and three-person developer Damage State are pleased to launch the definitive update to Scathe, the adrenaline-fueled bullet hell FPS. The update brings two new modes – Speedrun and Arcade, alongside custom modifiers and various improvements, tweaks and bug fixes. 

Scathe: Enforcer Edition is now available on the Epic Games Store with a 33% launch discount and is priced at $16.74, €15.40 and £13.39

The game is also available on Steam for $24.99, €22.99 and £19.99. 

The following features are added in the new update –

Speedrun mode:

It’s time to unleash your best ‘run and gun’ in the all new Speedrun mode. Take on each of the Guardians in their own gauntlet, designed and ready for the records to be set.

Arcade mode:The all new stripped back, zen mode of Scathe. Embrace the darkness and focus

only on the blood red Demons in front of you. You’ll need to keep on moving to snatch a top score or you will be killed trying!


Scathe now features custom modifiers to tune the game your way.

  • All Weapons (Start the game with every Weapon, spells too!)
  • Invincibility (Just non-stop death to Demons)
  • Constant Demon Mode (Embrace the Demon mode – permanently!)
  • Infinite Lives (Forget about checkpoints, just respawn where you were)
  • Demon Overload (Play with more Demons spawning around you)
  • Infinite Ammo (Forget ammo pickups, you’re unlimited!)

Improvements & Tweaks:

  • Dash killing Demons now provides a small health gain.
  • Hell Hammer now vents after every clip providing a break in firing.
  • New Hell Hammer firing audio – bringing more boom to the room!
  • Head bob now defaults to zero (For a more retro feel by default)
  • Headshots now provide ammo.
  • Improved the AI spawn rates and timeouts in barrier sections.
  • Fleshies and other balls drop ammo on death.
  • Removed collisions on multiple props in zones to help smoother movement.
  • Bridge added to Oxide’s zone to help with falling into lava initially.


  • Swarm AI no longer stops moving if one section remains.
  • Large improvements to AI spawning to stop them starting too close (Excludes arenas and barrier sections).
  • Toned down the joypad vibration when facing Sledge.
  • Fixed multiple areas where AI could become stuck.
  • Misaligned walls fixed in three zones.
  • Bridges would fail to descend correctly when all Demons were eliminated.
  • Reconnect Joypad prompt would remain static on screen after losing last life and disconnecting.
  • Jitters could submerge into the ground in a specific zone upon spawning.

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