‘King The Land’ (2023) New Rom-Com Series on Netflix: The Empire of Smiles

King The Land (2023)

Netflix‘s latest offering, ‘King The Land‘, is a romantic comedy that aims to make us believe in love, even if just a little bit, through a mix of laughter and emotions. The story follows a very serious young man who, amidst a dispute for control of the family business, meets a girl with an extraordinary smile.

Will the serious executive be able to resist the woman’s irresistible charm? We don’t think so, but we’ll have to watch this romantic comedy to find out.

‘King The Land’ is a 16-episode South Korean production directed by Hyun-Wook Im and starring Lee Jun-ho and Yoona.


In the midst of a family business power struggle, a charming heir clashes with an employee known for her irresistible smile. . which he simply cannot resist.

Release date

June 17

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Chun Sung-il
Chun Sung-il

The Cast

Lee Jun-ho
Lee Jun-ho

Go Won-hee
Kim Ga-eun

King The Land
King The Land Tv Series Netflix

Name: 킹더랜드

Description: King the Land tells the story of Goo Won, who is the heir to The King Group, a luxury hotel conglomerate, thrown into an inheritance war, and Cheon Sa-rang, a hotelier who always has a smile on his face until he meets Goo Won.

Seasons: 1

Country: South Korea

Director(s): Hyun-Wook Im

Writer(s): Chun Sung-il, Choi Rom

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Actor(s): Lee Jun-ho, Yoona, Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-eun, Ahn Se-ha, Kim Jae-won

Companies: JTBC, Netflix

User Review
2.67 (3 votes)

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