‘A Beautiful Life’ (2023) Netflix Movie. Review: A Relaxed Musical and Sentimental Drama

A Beautiful Life
A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life is a Danish movie directed by Mehdi Avaz and starring Christopher and Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas.

Una Vida Maravillosa
A Beautiful Life

A star Is Born? A rather similar plot, with a more “European” production but tinged with the (inescapable) echoes of Hollywood cinema.

Movie Review

Does it stand out? Not really. It is a film that (obviously) we have already seen and that, tinted at all times with a sentimental tone, not dramatic, manages to follow the schematic steps of a good product made in Europe (Denmark in this case) and, without putting on the disguise of “author cinema”, achieves to entertain and tell a story in a truthful way.

Will it stay in your memory forever? Will it be that movie you will always remember? No, rather it is more of a “filler” production within the Netflix programming that, without being totally a movie for teens or being able to capture the interest of the most moviegoing public, remains stuck in the middle ground between realism and a certain routine production, but without falling into it at any time.

Una Vida Maravillosa
A Beautiful Life

It knows how to make the characters come to life and evolve and, as it really seems unpretentious, it can’t be criticized because it achieves exactly what it wants. A whole different thing is to reckon the fact that “what it wants” is just to pass somewhat unnoticed, almost like a mid-afternoon TV movie, without taking risks on the visual or giving us that great story that, because it is so striking and inspiring, we are forced to remember.

No, it won’t leave a mark on any of us, although on the other hand, A beautiful Life is not tendentious or boring, but sentimental, sincere, and light.

A good film that will pleased the more relaxed viewers.

Without pretending to be or to become a masterpiece, it does its job perfectly, without going over the top at any time.

Release Date

June 1

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The Cast


Christine Albeck Børge

Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas

Ardalan Esmaili

Sebastian Jessen
Paw Henriksen
Jonathan Harboe

A beautiful Life
A Beautiful Life

Movie title: A beautiful Life

Movie description: When a young fisherman with a hidden talent gets discovered by a music producer, he must decide if he's ready to open himself up to stardom — and love.

Date published: May 4, 2023

Country: Denmark

Duration: 1h 39m

Director(s): Mehdi Avaz

Writer(s): Stefan Jaworski

Cinematography: Daniel Cotroneo

Music: Christopher, Thomas Volmer Schulz

Actor(s): Christopher, Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas, Christine Albeck Børge, Ardalan Esmaili

Genre: Drama, Music

Companies: Den Vestdanske Filmpulje, Rocket Road Pictures, SF Studios Production AB, Netflix,

Our Opinion

Without pretending to be or to become a masterpiece, it does its job perfectly, without going over the top at any time.


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