‘Tin & Tina’ (2023) Movie Review: Classic Spanish Horror

Tin & tina Movie Netflix
Tin & Tina (2023)

Tin & Tina is a horror movie written and directed by Rubin Stein starring Milena Smit, Jaime Lorenzo and two beautiful little angels named Carlos G. Morollón and Anastasia Russo.

A horror movie that wants to look as classic as possible and, supported by all kinds of clichés, it manages to work thanks to good direction and editing.

It doesn’t revolutionize the genre, but it achieves an enjoyable product for horror film lovers.

About the film

Nobody is going to invent devilish children by now, especially when they look so much like those from Children of the Corn, with that oxygenated blonde. So far, we shouldn’t expect anything good from those two who, like the icing on a cake, are obsessed with sin, religion and raised in a convent. Here we are offered the premium package.

The film is a true flashback, with many references to the years of Teresa Rabal and others, in the purest picturesque Spanish style, which the industry has always liked so much, and which has given such good results full of sayings, stock phrases and more, but also references to the genre, nods to classic cinema (Nosferatu, for example). This is a film suspiciously similar to Goodnight Mommy in almost everything, except that it doesn’t star Naomi Watts (and which was already a remake, by the way).

And yet, and despite all the clichés and its lack of originality… it has its merits and is convincing, especially in a direction that achieves a balanced product, with even vibrant scenes and not a few very impressive moments ( the drowning, to give just one example) that make Tin and Tina not a classic, but a movie with which you can spend those bad moments that are so enjoyed on the sly watching horror movies.

Good performances, especially by Milenia Smit, who has managed to make the best out of her character and has convinced us.

By the way, it is based on a short film by Rubin Stein himself from 2013.

Worth it

Our Opinion

A movie that, without reinventing the genre, contains enough (good) bad moments to make you have that (good) bad time it promises and delivers.

Tin & Tina Trailer

Release date

May 26

Dónde ver Tin & Tina


The Cast

Milena Smit/Lola

Jaime Lorente/Adolfo

Ruth Gabriel/Madre Pedrito

Carlos G. Morollón/Tin

Teresa Rabal/Sor Asunción

Anastasia Russo/Tina

Tin & Tina (2023)
Tin & Tina Movie Netflix

Movie title: Tin & Tina

Movie description: After losing the babies they were expecting, a young couple adopts some peculiar twins. But the children's obsession with religion soon takes its toll on the family.

Date published: May 30, 2023

Country: Spain

Duration: 119 min.

Director(s): Rubin Stein

Writer(s): Rubin Stein

Cinematography: Alejandro Espadero

Music: Jocelyn Pook

Actor(s): Milena Smit, Jaime Lorente, Carlos G. Morollón, Anastasia Russo, , Tina

Genre: Thriller , Horror

Companies: La Claqueta PC, Filmgate Miami, Andarams Films, Netflix

Our Opinion

A movie that, without reinventing the genre, contains enough (good) bad moments to make you have that (good) bad time it promises and delivers.


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