‘Not Quite Narwhal’ (2023) New Series on Netflix on June 19

Not Quite Narwhal Tv Series Netflix
Not Quite Narwhal (2023)

Not Quite Narwhal is a new animation American series from Jessie Sima‘s book.

Curious little Kelp’s been living his whole life as a narwhal… until he finds out he’s actually a unicorn. Now he’s got two worlds to explore!

Release Date

June 19

Where to Watch Not Quite Narwhal


Not Quite Narwhal (2023)
Not Quite Narwhal Tv Series Netflix

Name: Not Quite Narwhal

Description: Not Quite Narwhal follows curious and fun-loving Kelp, who has always believed he's a narwhal like the rest of his family under the sea, until the day he makes the most amazing discovery - he's actually a unicorn.

Seasons: 1

Country: United States

Writer(s): Jessie Sima

Music: Courtney Lofty, Ryan Lofty

Genre: Animation

Companies: Brown Bag Films, DreamWorks Animation Television, DreamWorks Animation, Netflilx

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