Interview with Ronnie Gene Blevins

Love that Guy! Podcast
Love that Guy! Podcast

Ronnie Gene Blevins is a well-known face in Hollywood, we have seen him in Emancipation, Find Her, and in a lot of great series like Animal Kingdom or Westworld… but now he has a new project, a podcast with Brendan Reynolds.

The podcast is called Love That Guy, in which you interview other well-known actors such as Steven Ogg and Timothy V. Murphy.

The first question, almost obvious and obligatory: how did the idea come up, where did the collaboration between Ronnie and Brendan come from and what led you to create this podcast together?

Brendan and I have sons that are best friends. We became fast friends.

One day we were talking about some movie and referencing some actor, and I said, “I love that guy.” Then I think I said, “That would be a great title for a podcast.” Then we just called some people up and set a studio date. We had no real podcasting skills or experience. That’s part of the fun of it. The learning curve.

Ultimately, there’s so much celebration about the stars or the actors that are number 1 on the call sheet.

We both get our kicks off supporting roles that aren’t always as celebrated. For instance, John Wick 4 just came out. The obvious draw to that film is Keanu. However, down on the call sheet, you see Clancy Brown or Ian McShane. Those are the guys that move our needle.

How do you and Brendan approach the interviews? How does the creative process work in your case? How do you design and write them?

We write down questions but try our best to let the show exist as an organic conversation. We definitely both rewatch the guest’s movies. We try our best to be in the flow state.

Speaking of writing, in your long career as an actor, we’ve seen that you’ve also written the 2009 film American Cowslip. Are you considering writing again? Have you come up with any ideas that you’d like to carry out?

I’m always thinking. Always writing outlines. I wrote a script with

the singer/songwriter “The Last Knife Fighter.” We’ll see. I reckon I’ll write something that gets made again. I’m not breaking my back trying to get one produced. Whatever it is, I think I’d want to direct it.

Without any doubt, a suitable medium is the podcast, which has been booming for several years now. As they are so trendy right now, many celebrities are signing up to create one. Tell us, making some of publicity if you like, what will the audience find on Love That Guy that they won’t find anywhere else? Apart, of course, from Ronnie Gene Blevins, who is already a great choice.

I suppose I want people to hear an engaging conversation about the entertainment industry with no pretense. We hate pretense.

And going back to your acting career, and gossiping a bit, we have discovered one of your (scary) next projects as an actor, Squealer. Reading the plot, we can guess that it won’t be a film for all… stomachs. What can you tell us about it and about your role in the film?

I can’t say much about Squealer. It was loosely inspired by a fairly infamous serial killer out of Canada. He also was a pig farmer and had “the best sausage” in town. Let’s just say it was a proprietary blend.

You’ve been in a lot of well-known films and of very different kinds, of all genres, conditions… a multifaceted actor. Do you aim to transfer this multifaceted side to the podcast?

I’m not sure. I think whichever direction the show organically flows, we’re on board.

Thank you very much for your time, Ronnie, and good luck in the future and with the podcast.

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