Andrew Hung Will Release His New Album ‘Deliverance’ 11th August – Here is the Video to the Single ‘Ocean Mouth’!

Andrew Hung (Photo Credit - Zoe Davis)
Andrew Hung - Photo Credit - Zoe Davis

Andrew Hung announces his ecstatic new album, Deliverance, out August 11th on Lex Records, and presents its lead single/video, “Ocean Mouth.”

Known for his collaborative projects with Fuck Buttons — with whom Hung performed headline slots at festivals such as Glastonbury, Green Man, and All Tomorrow’s Parties, and whose music soundtracked key moments in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony — Hung continued his collaborative streak through writing and producing with Beth Orton on her career redefining album, Kidsticks. He’s also collaborated with Aimée Osbourne on her debut album, Vacare Adamaré (released under the name ARO). In addition, Hung has worked with cult director Jim Hosking to soundtrack his films The Greasy Strangler (winning best comedy at the Empire Awards), An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin, and Hosking’s Adult Swim series Tropical Cop Tales. Following countless years of fruitful collaboration, Hung now turns his attention to delivering his own expression.

Deliverance follows Hung’s 2021 album, Devastations. On Deliverance, Hung continues his punk ethos by writing, performing, producing and mixing the album himself. He also painted the self-portrait that adorns the cover of the album; his face staring back at you amongst a maelstrom of burning light and whispering shadows. Water, dreams, and love are recurring themes throughout the album, with hope as the central tenet acting as a thread weaving everything together. The songs’ subject matter spans conflict, change, and isolation, with Hung stating, “I’ve never really felt part of any particular tribe, yet I know it exists because belonging is a deeply ingrained need. The name of the album Deliverance alludes to this; I have finally found my tribe and I am finally delivered.”

Lead single “Ocean Mouth” doubles as Deliverance’s opening track, a cathartic synth-haven propelled by Hung’s deeply affective vocals. “I am the root // I am the shame // I am the one I want to blame,” he intones atop skittering percussion before the track explodes with his emotion. “A revelation comes forth that the parts of humanity that I’m trying to run away from are me,” says Hung. “The final repeating lines are a realization that the fear must be faced, but it can be guided by the love that is also real.”

This is Hung’s most sublime creation to date; a colossal statement given the extent of his past iconic work.

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Deliverance tracklist
1. Ocean Mouth
2. Find Out
3. Too Much
4. Changes
5. Soldier
6. Never be the Same
7. Don’t Believe it Now
8. Love Is

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