Jim Shaw. Before and After Math. March 11 – April 24, 2021. Metro Pictures. NYC

Elliott Puckette, 2021, 72 x 58 inches, 182.9 x 147.3 cm. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Diego Flores.

Metro Pictures presents eight new paintings and five videos by Jim Shaw. The paintings are all made on found theatrical backdrops, a signature of the artist’s, with two that incorporate three-dimensional sculptural elements. Shaw’s work draws from an expansive breadth of references and idiosyncratic associations to present a surrealistic take on American consumer culture. The pastiche of vintage film, advertising, and television imagery that Shaw poignantly combines in these works engenders them with a pervasive sense of nostalgia and critique for a mythologized, bygone era of American history. For more information, please visit metropictures.com.

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